Hello world!

Well.  I wonder if anyone will be interested in the adventures of yet another home schooling mother with her wonderful/gifted/eccentric/delightful/well behaved/ angel?

Not falling for it?  OK.  How about the sometimes adventures and even some learning with a busy mother and a child with great curiosity and many challenges?

Mr. D. is six now.  He home schooled for the third term of Kindergarten and now he is in Grade One.  I know – I am surprised, too.  How did we get here?  Instead of having to sit with us each day – including the explosions, the tantrums, the crying – you can visit and just see the work and our progress.  There may even be interesting links.  For now, I’m off to take more pictures, sort out pictures, and generally get organised.  Wish me luck!

The Mad Inventor Strikes Again

Mr. D and his invention


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One response to “Hello world!

  1. Alissa

    Hi R and D 🙂 LOVE the start of the new blog! Will keep checking in! Your experiences will no doubt offer great wisdom to others!

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