Activity levels

Kids with ADHD, and similar challenges, just cannot be tired out.  Pointless trying.  They do become cranky, generally irritable, picky, and down right defiant if pushed too far.  But then, they become those things if they don’t get enough physical activity.  ‘Tis a fine line we tread.

Take now – 5.14pm on Sunday – when the kids had a walk, 1 1/2 hours at the local school playground, followed by a short walk home.  Now that is enough for Ms. E who refuses to nap (I mean, she is FOUR dammit) but is completely exhausted and currently in bed, lights blazing, pretending not to sleep.  Mr. D?  hell no.  He woke up at some terribly ungodly hour, woke us all, wouldn’t go away but kept barging into our bedroom and slamming doors and yelling, until eventually Ms. E took refuge in our bed – hah – fat lot of good that did.  So for him, even though he is tired, he needs more proprioceptive movement.  Whassat, I hear you say.

He needs to rock.  He needs to swing.  He needs to fly through the air.  Mr. D doesn’t seem to have a sense of his own body and its position in space.  He told me recently that he rocks furiously while watching TV sometimes because

“his body says move but his brain says watch TV, his body screams move, his brain says it will be over soon, his body doesn’t always believe his brain but if he keeps his body rocking, he knows he will be able to move it soon.”

And that is doing something he likes.  Imagine this kid having to sit at a desk at school?  Hahahahahahahaha.  Not funny.  How to keep this kid moving and moving therapeutically, that is the question (for us, could care less about Danish princes this time of night).  Tucked away we have the “Special Needs” ordering book – we may just have to tackle the idea of indoor swings, hammocks, etc. because B.C. weather just does not want to co-operate with having our son outside all the time.  Sure, we could throw him out no matter the rain/snow/sleet/hail but he is becoming resistant.  And strong.  So to cheer myself up before making a healthy and nutritious meal of hot dogs (with salad, with salad, I promise), I look at recent photos – even today – of Mr. D being physical and actually looking happy!


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