Taming Sundays

Never easy to tame our Sundays – everybody seems to be at wit’s end unless there are projects/parties/outings already organised.  One thing that helps keep the sanity is long walks.  This is Jim’s specialty and he tries to vary the location depending on energy levels, weather, and interest.  Today, Jim, Ms. E and Mr. D all went off to Morrison Creek in Courtenay (starting just behind Embleton Ave).  This is always good – whether there are salmon or not – and is just wild enough for a four year old.  Last visit, they made tree trunk creek crossings and pontoons out of debris and generally had a grand old adventurous time.  Today was not that day; although drier and warmer, the ground was much muddier, apparently, and there was still a lot of snow around, too.  Jim knows this area well so he tries to vary it – there will be some climbing, up and down, some scrambling, some stump climbing (Mr. D loves climbing big stumps), and generally trying to look at the Witches Butter and other interesting things along the way.  Today he took photos so that mummy could feel involved, too.

I am taking a minute or two to post these photos because I can hear crying.  Mr. D. has been (voluntarily) writing the alphabet in hieroglyphs.  The loudness of the crying leads me to think there has been a mistake made.  Probably a small mistake because there is no screaming, foot stomping, or punching of walls.  Still, I will have to venture an “it is okay, please slow your engine down, then try again or try differently” very, very soon.  Ahhh.  What joy.


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