It seems that the Strattera we added to Mr. D. chemical diet has started to work; he has been quiet subdued – for him – the last few days.  We knew it would take about 6 weeks or so to take effect and it has been longer than that, so our psychiatrist upped the dose to 2 Strattera only one week ago.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on our boy to make sure nothing too extreme happens; he is still on the Ritalin and Clonidine as well and I hate turning my lad into chemical soup!

Speaking of eyes – we took a break from the strictly academic learning of facts about Ancient Egypt and got a bit more hands-on again the other day.  Thus, Femo to the rescue.  How to make an Eye of Horus (wedjet, eydjet, by any other name)?  Femo!  Mr. D. did most of the work – my main tasks were softening the Femo at the beginning and my lordy was it hard, and giving guidance towards the end when the fiddly bits came into play.  Not too shabby a result.


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  1. alissa

    Hi Rand Mr. D 🙂 These turned out so well! Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences!

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