So we continue on with our Winter Wonderland mini unit – meant to be 12 weeks but we are condensing – from Wee Folk Art and we find ourselves ready to try some watercolours again.  With a twist.  This time, without making imagery, we just use colours that suggest winter to us, then when the wet-on-wet painting is finished but still quite wet, we sprinkle some salt crystals onto the paint to see if we get an effect.

Well, we would have.  Indeed, we did.  Just not quite what was in mind.  Because mummy was feeling dithery and tired, mummy mixed the paints, chosen by Mr. D, with water, wet the paper and off we went.  It took me a while to realise not all the paint had dissolved (lets call this “Mummy get a clue 1.) then I saw that the salt didn’t have the effect we wanted (Mummy get a clue 2.).

Yup – in my hurry we created a new way to paint.  Lovely (and as they were mummy’s – expensive) acrylics and water!  With salt!

Actually, because the paper was quite wet, we got results not too dissimilar to watercolour.  See for yourself……


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