Beneathtree? WT…..?

Okay – you got me.  It should have been Beneath A Tree.  Truly.  That was the intention.

Have you ever tried starting a blog?  It is a bit like trying to find an email address that hasn’t already been taken.  Several (oh, many times several) names that I thought original, weren’t.  Many combinations that I thought unique, weren’t.  What we had was impasse; frustrated mother of crying children, incipient blog awaiting, dinner to be cooked.  Thankfully, I did not throw the computer out of the window!  I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, blocked out the noise, gently meditated on my reasons for this blog…. actually, that is all horse hooey.  Did nothing of the sort.  I am too ‘fast’ for my own good sometimes and this was one of those times.  I just pressed enter on a mistake – much more serendipitous!

So I am stuck with Beneathtree.  Now how to make that into something, eh?

Actually it was not that hard.  Our house has what would be, in England, a second reception; in USA, perhaps a playroom, but in Canada, advertised as a bedroom.  Huge.  With small closet and wood burning fireplace.  Adjacent the laundry (also huge but hardly romantic).  This, we are lucky to say, is now our classroom.  We’re only semi below ground and get light from the laundry window and green-tinged filtered light from the very long, large window the runs almost the length of the room, and faces the street.  The window, seen from the outside, is about 30cm above ground level and so makes a great observation post for the little critters of life.  We gain our green-tinge from three large camellia trees growing outside the window.  It is a great place for birds because unless the winds are particularly fiesty, the area stays dry and calm; it appears to go against the predominant wind pattern here and only gets thoroughly wet occasionally.

Our first pine cone/peanut butter bird feeder went down a treat and we’ll put something a little larger there soon.  Marvellous watching the chickadees, finches, robins, and other birds all jumping from branch to branch – watching us!

Thus – here is the tree we are beneath – the beneathtree!

The trees that colours our world



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