Power Play!

Mr. D. received a remarkable ‘toy’ for his birthday last year – a new ‘toy’ called Snap Circuits from Elenco.  Why ‘toy’?  Well, I don’t think there is anything toy-like about this system for creating electrical currents – see what you think.

We had our eye on this system for a while and the lovely Pam, toy retailer extraordinaire, from Planet Kid, stocked up on them after we inquired so there was nothing for it but to buy the BIGGER kit for Christmas.  The nice thing?  They integrate so each kit just provides more and more options when they are all combined.

Savvy kids get to learn how to make a circuit, how a circuit can make things work (buzzers, alarms, light bulbs, etc.), how to break circuits and how to apply resistance in a circuit.  Whew!  That’s a whole lotta learning going on.  Some very bright person has designed this system in easy snap ‘bricks’ not unlike a building system and some of the plates are clear so that all the ‘action’ can be seen.

Mr. D. did a lot of these post-Christmas but hadn’t touched them for a while.  He was feeling fairly hard-done-by this morn when we expressed our dissatisfaction with him getting up around 4am to watch cartoons when TV isn’t to be used before 6.30am so while my temper cooled (and I got the classroom warmed up and computers on) I asked him to make me a difficult circuit that used the bulb.  He did.  He even used multiple bulbs.  He created circuits with it for over an hour.  Here are the photos so that Mummy may show off.  *g* Who says FASD/ADHD/etc. etc. kids can’t focus? OK – maybe hyperfocus?


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