Video Joys

I am stingy.

There.  It is said.  I am not paying $59.95 to upgrade my blog to allow videos.  So these ‘episodes’ of learning are on YouTube and I will post the links here instead  Just my price….. free!

Why have I written ‘episodes’?  Well, we’ve had the camera 5 years now and until this week we’ve had great trouble loading to computer.  We’ve gotten used to stopping and starting a lot while filming, rather than having a continuous flow; now that it is time for computer playback, that gives us a lot of short snippets of video.  There are about 4 sets of ‘lots of little’ film, I believe, and we’ll post them in sets on YouTube.  From now on, we’ll try and film real/reel time in one shot.  Make everybody happier!

The first set here are from a recent beach hike.  You’ll see we really do work the lads legs and respiration.  Typical sunny day at Goose Spit I notice…..


Phew! That takes more outta me than it does outta you, trust.  May have to wait until I have more time this weekend to post more of these cinematic gems.


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One response to “Video Joys

  1. Jim

    not always so easy to keep the camera running smoothly when you’re hanging on to the cliff with your other hand!

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