Mr. Gumpy and his boat

We’re doing a language arts study on Mr. Gumpy’s Outing by John Birmingham – this book has been in our house for a few years now, as I love the art stylings used and remain quite, quite jealous of Mr. Gumpy’s house and his idea of tea!

As an outcome of comprehension, Mr. D. will be retelling the story in his own words but we knew that some props would be needed.  We hope to finish work on this project this weekend sometime – grrrrrr not sure when – but until then, this is our launching of the Gumpy Punt prototype!  Bless yer and all who sail in yer!

Yikes – problems with the second part of the video – will edit this post when I have it sorted with YouTube!

Finally convinced YouTube and their cheksum formula that I am me.  Had me worried for a little while.  Here is part two – where the intrepid lads launch Princess Gumpy into the water and test Mummy’s origami skills.  Now that we know that she is ‘yar‘, David can try for the next version.  I have to convince that my origami technique was found on YouTube – though the original was much more elegantly constructed!



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