Cold Hands, Warm Heart

As a continuation of our Winter Wonderland curriculum, we have been doing small science projects from Nature in a Nutshell by Jean Potter.  These are very simple projects – a tad simple for Mr. D. – but they are very straight forward in their procedure and the outcome.  And all in less than 10 minutes.

Or so we thought.


We did “Cold Hands:  Why is it difficult to pick up objects when your hands are cold“.

This experiment involves placing small objects (coins, thumb tacks, etc.) on a table and picking them up.  Then, holding a bag of ice in your hand for two minutes, and trying to pick up the objects again.  The explanation is that the nerve endings at the tips of your fingers are incredibly sensitive and when they become cold, then numb, they lose significant sensitivity, making it difficult to do quite simple tasks, such as picking up small objects (or using fine motor skills in general).

This set of videos will show you what happened when we tried this experiment.  It also seems to highlight Mr. D.’s obsession with Mythbusters!    OK – out of time.  Will be back later to publish a few more snippets (2) of film!




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