Fractional Genius and Cookies

No. You are right.  Nobody here is a fractional genius, unless you consider that we are only fractions of genius and then you may have a point……

The ‘genius’ comes from the origin of this work – Mensa4Kids – which has some cool lesson plans, graded levels, lots of subject areas.  As Mr. D. can’t remember what a number looks like reliably (thank you, FASD), we do a lot of practice and to keep it interesting we try to vary the ‘style’ of numbers as much as possible.  Mr. D. had a good grasp of 1/2, 1/4, and 1/3 before we started but this encouraged him to add fractions, subtract fractions, multiple fractions, and when it was all getting too much…. to make cookies!  Yes, using fractions.  Mr. D. was in charge of measuring (as well as mixing, scooping, using oven mitts, etc.).  But it wouldn’t be Mr. D. if he didn’t jump at the chance to dress for the occasion.


I have to say, they were delicious!  Sorry – I didn’t save you any.


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