Laid Back Lunies

Not to be confused with Loonies – why Canadians gave their money such a crazy name, I’m not sure, Loons or no Loons – but Lunies – fans of the moon.  Maybe it should be Lunaphiles?

Anyway, Dad in Nanaimo, lil sister at day care so only the lad and I and I must confess, it was me in need of the lazy day, rather than the lad.  If I could have morphed into a sloth today, especially cocooned in a blanket, on the couch, watching bad TV and drinking coffee/chocolate, then I would have – hear me?

So we rounded off a little of Mr. D.’s moon study by thinking about the phases of the moon – most nicely represented, if you don’t mind, with glow-in-the-dark paint.

We also did some K’Nex.  Stuff from nearly two years ago but he has been inventing rather than building lately.

Now Mummy has to figure a way to get her groove back and all should be well.  Mr.D. ran off to play with neighbours two doors away about 30 mins ago; they seem to have gone inside which would be grand except it means he has stopped running!?!  Argh.


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