Living La Vida

I’m sure the next word in that phrase is Loco – that is certainly how we live it.  More of that in the next post.  Not many posts lately – due to loco-ness – sorry.

A week ago, almost, Mr.D. expressed his independence – further – by insisting on cooking us dinner soon.  We took him up on the challenge because we had already decided to have an easy dinner of maple infused sausages with salad.

The salad was just dandy.  Having seen me frequently add fruit to my salad, especially in summer, Mr. D. was about to add blueberries when I caught my “No” in my throat and calmly explained that blueberries and pickles probably wouldn’t complement each other!  The salad was duly chopped by Mr. D., herbs picked, ingredients into bowl, and tossed.  I provided the salad dressing lesson as we decided that vinaigrette using Balsamic vinegar would be good.

Then it was the big moment; how would Mr. D. handle the oven, especially an oven where everything gets hot, not just the hotplate?  Just fine, for the most part.  Several sausage turnings later, he left the plating up to me – he had just avoided a burn, whilst  using the tongs, as his arm was quite low to the frypan.  We were glad we had instilled enough ‘stove safety’ that he knew when to call it quits.

End result?  Simple, but delicious, and all the better for being full of Mr. D. love.


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