Mr.D. recovers from his illness – wasn’t it kind of him to pass it on to his little sister?

Emma has been home from daycare for two days – the wise parents having decided this was obviously a contagious thing – and has been sick for three days now.  About lunch on Tuesday she started to feel friskier and had way more energy, kept food down, and smiled.  Tired again by dinner time but improved.

During those three days, I have had the same illness for two days.  Urgh.  At least the cooking load on husband has been light – no-one was much in the mood to eat.

Despite rallying around the rest of us, with gurgly tummy, husband finally succumbed tonight and went to bed early with a bucket.  He is meant to be in Nanaimo tomorrow but if he is contagious…. and he doesn’t know about the expected 10 cm of snow tonight – I can’t imagine him wanting to shovel the drive in the morning!

Because he is out of town tomorrow, all of Mr.D.’s service providers are coming to the house tomorrow.  This could get interesting…. hubby sick, home, unable to clear drive.  Mummy, nervous driving in more than 2cm or so of snow, won’t get Emma to daycare, service providers may or may not make it through.

Another possible day with all four family members home – at least one sick – this could make or break us!

Think good thoughts, will you?


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