Wow – been a while since I had a chance to update, eh?

We have been light on academics this last week or so; we’re still plugging away at the basics but certainly moving to a slower beat.  Between flu and surgery, this house has been in survival mode.

The kids have still had a few big hikes with Dad, Mr.D. has still been WildSpiriting in the forest at the top of Puntledge.  Given the weather, this has been a real benefit.  He comes home soaking wet with either rain or snow but at least he gets the exercise.  Mr.D. has also been swimming and doing his gymnastics classes regularly, although household shakeups have meant a few missed science classes at the local museum – luckily for him they are repeats.

Now we face Spring Break – when all kid’s activities grind to a halt to be replaced with things like ‘day camp’ – a horrid excuse for parents to drive back and forth all day!

Mr.D. has been getting exposure to the world of musical theatre at NIDES.  He is not enamoured as he “isn’t on stage and isn’t wearing a costume”, thank you very much.  But this may all change.  Through the local homeschool support group for this Valley, a lovely young (about 12) girl lives to stage plays.  She has already tried the Aristocats and now is moving on to Wizard of Oz.  Mr.D. is going to attend next Monday and see if he wants to take part.  Totally community based and totally kid led and kid organised.  Woo hoo!  That will be another weekly adventure for him.

Meanwhile, here are some of our recent pictures:  hiking and playing with chemistry, electromagnetics, and electricity.  There are also some photos of Yucca leaves; WildSpirit (Bruce Carron) has shown Mr.D. how to find these leaves, harvest them, split them, and weave them.  Plus, Mr.D. was shown how to make a ‘point’ for a fishing spear.  Yay – we’ll never starve!    ahem.

Enjoy your weekend and keep your loved ones safe.  It has been difficult to decide how much Earthquake/Tsunami information to share with a science-mad, yet sensitive 6 year old; methinks this will unfold as the story itself unfolds.


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