Saturday’s child

Is out romping with Daddy while the small sunshine is around – we’ve seriously been in total ‘wet season’ for what feels like weeks.

When the kiddies return, we’re on to our bird feeding project.  Admittedly, the birds are not as hungry as when we put our peanut butter bird feeders around the house but they still come around searching, so we’re going Full Monty this time.  Serious bird feeding.  Rambo style bird feeding.

One of my favourite web sites is Home Science Tools; not only do they email me a science lesson and experiment each week – for free – but they sell some amazing stuff, a lot of which is especially handy for homeschoolers.  When I saw these bird feeder adaptors, we had to have them.  Small and easy to use, they provide a handle, a circular perch, and a dispenser for bird seed and all you need is the seed and an old PET or drink bottle. And it is all recycling!  Green bird bits – yay!

We’ve got two bottles ready to go this afternoon, four more dispensers after that, and 8 kgs of black oil sunflower seed to use up!  Yes, 8 kgs.  My man likes to buy in bulk!

Wish us luck.  If you live near us and birds start rolling around with full bellies, you’ll know who to blame!


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