Week that was…

Turns out, we needn’t have worried about our sensitive child and his reaction to the disasters in Japan; he remembered enough about Tsunamis from the Indonesian event.  Still, we kept visual exposure to a limited amount – graphic footage has a way of staying with one.  This can be a good way to remember the power of nature but I think 6 is a little young.  We, of course, just hope the next disaster doesn’t strike close to home.  Having not grown up on a fault line, I must say the idea does make me nervous, even when the world doesn’t seem to be splitting at the seams!

Mr.D. has had limited school work again this week; not his fault, his parents have been caught up in meetings and phone calls with workers, workers, and more supporting workers – all grand except we ran out of hours in the day.

Instead, we have given him the full run of his ‘construction’ materials in the living room:  hammers, nails, boxes, string, odd door handles or ‘bits and bobs’ as he has learnt to call it from me.

Mr.D.’s favourite construction this week was the beginning of his next robot, apparently.  Not sure it will ever do what he wants it to do but he’s had a lot of fun doing it so far.


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