Spring Sprung

Spring sprung upon and how!

Woke to a depressing pea-souper fog over the harbour and hills – so much for yesterday’s glimmer of sun, eh?  But wait – it is starting to move…….

I was not a happy camper this morning; I have an ‘ouchy’ (on part of my anatomy best left undescribed) and I was suffering today.  My beloved was despondent when he saw the mist, he had been planning on a picnic at Miracle Beach with the kids.

Lo – he sends me back to bed and brave soul ventures forth, chasing the fog ahead of him.

They had plenty of sun, low tide (no sea life which was a surprise), Daddy got drenched for a change, children laughed, they played tag, children laughed, and generally had a grand and spiffy time, and children laughed.  I woke at 1.40pm and did washing.  Which wasn’t as disappointing as it seems because there is a lot of washing to be done.  Didn’t laugh much, though.

On their return, Mr.D. taught Ms.E (4 years old) how to play checkers.  Later, Daddy taught Mr.D.  how to play chess.  He still cried when he lost but he learnt a lot and played a mighty game for a beginner (not Daddy).

Then Mum retreated to the kitchen – beef roast time – while Mr.D. made a megalopolis from his old Thomas train pieces and Daddy and Ms. E. danced.  And danced.  Danced with Winnie the Pooh.  Danced up in the air (not Daddy).  A mix of Wiggles, La Roux, Duran Duran, and Ashley McIsaac.  Not for the faint-hearted.  Ms.E. informed me that she wasn’t a toy (in response to La Roux’s “I’m not your toy”).  I tried to explain about boy toys but she wasn’t having it.  Of course, the next song was “I know what boys like”…….

Main course followed by ice cream and fresh mango and our little campers were finally tired enough for bed.  How could we tell?  Yup, they ramped it up even more so it was time for “calm, breath, calm” techniques, three stories, Melatonin (thank you, Melatonin, for making life easier), then night songs and cuddles, then bed.

Phew.  Lots of fun and lots of laughter and only a few tears.  That is a good day in our household.

Good night!


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