Huzzah! Reading

Just getting through the day, the hours dragging their feet, then something happens to surprise you.

Our son – FASD, ADHD, SPD, dyslexic, etc. etc. who, at age 6.5 can describe the scientific method in detail but who cannot read, did.

Yes.  Did he ever.

Thank you, Dr. Seuss, for “In a People House”.  We’ve had the book for a while and Ms.E. loved it because she thought it was “In a Pooh House” and she is a big Winnie fan.

Dad decided to give it an outing at bedtime – where for once Ms.E. went to bed without a story because she was so tired – and whammy!  Mr.D. takes hold of the book and reads it from cover to back cover.  Every word.  Some were wobbly, some needed to be rethunk, but he did it!

Let the tumultuous cheering begin.  And it did.  I love my son and I love his perseverance.  I love his whole-heartedness.  I love his passion.  And I wouldn’t swap it for “normal” any day.


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