Feels like…..

Feels like forever.  Since I posted, that is.

Wow.  So much (and yet so little) has happened.  Confused?  So am I.

We’ll start at today and work backwards – because we’re that sort of family.

Mr.D. had gymnastics class this morning; ended up being taken by our respite carer because we had a mix-up in car usage and blah blah blah household travails and thus it was easier for our very lovely carer to take him rather than me to try.  I got to stay home and wash up.  Bargain.

Then we investigated Supercharged Science by Aurora Lipper – brilliant e-science programme with free trials to check out.  Ms. Lipper is a real life NASA rocket scientist!  Very hands-on.  Today we caught a tele-seminar with videos on lights and lasers.  Admittedly, I caught most of it because Mr.D. and carer went to playground after gym and didn’t rush back as intended.  Oh well.  Got all the resources from the site and went through them – bit super excited because I am a science geek.

Over lunch, Daddy asked Mr.D. what sort of things (not more plastic toys) he would like outside to play with/use/build etc. this spring and summer.  Mr.D. has been visualising his own ‘cave’ for quite some time but today we got the full description and a blueprint.  Unfortunately, to complete the entire museum/science centre cave that Mr. D. imagines would require a building permit!  We’re working on googling ‘clay and chicken wire cave’ and seeing what we get.

Next up was listening to the story of Daedelus and Icarus through Storynory.com on my iPad – makes a change to hearing my read all the time.  Mr.D. coloured Zeus’ throne while he listened as multitasking is his forte.


Being unable to prise the iPad away from him, he has been using an art creation app to make pictures, which I then photographed.  Then he checked out the HD Weather to see if it agreed with what he saw.

Now I think the ‘formal’ absorption of knowledge is over for the day and he is loose playing games.  I may never get my iPad back again!


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