Sunny Saturdays

Maybe the weather was sunny but the moods around here sure weren’t.

As nature is a powerful tool in our toolbelt here, Daddy took both kids off to the beach for a picnic type break – they took snacks and stuff with them and went to a nearby bay/beach/playground – what’s not to love, right?

Had a whale of a time, or so it appeared, though it seems Mr.D. wasn’t having as much fun as it looked like he was having.  Ah, well, can’t say we didn’t try.

Today, Daddy took advantage of the low tide this morn and took both kids to Cape Lazo/Pt. Holmes for some old-fashioned rock pooling.  No photos as yet from that (on Daddy’s camera) but we do have some new snail friends in a shell on the deck and lots and lots of different starfish were around plus zillions of crabs of all shapes and sizes.  Barnacles, too!

Then we’ve made “Forest Floor Cake” – which is really Rocky Road in disguise – recipe care of the Woodland Trust Nature Detectives programme from the UK.  Can’t always adapt their stuff to Northern America (we seem to have a shortage of forests without much undergrowth and lots of bluebells – I love bluebells) but most of their stuff is brilliant.  We’ve taken another of their ideas and made melted chocolate and Shredded Wheat birds nests (for various teachers) which will be filled with conventional mini chocolate eggs and a painted egg from the kids.  Specially as one of the world’s best preschool teachers is leaving our daughter’s preschool and moving away (military husband).  T’will be a sad day in our hearts because she has been a boon to our family – for both children.  We’ll miss you, Miss Nancy!

As today draws to a close, it has also become apparent that Mr.D. needs STRICT time limits on technology – whatever sort – as his iPad usage and dependency is becoming very intolerable to all.  Currently, both kids are outside, running around, hopefully not beating each other to smushy pulp.  Suppose I should check soon, eh?


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