So Mr.D. is tackling Mandarin Chinese, plus a little French.  French because we are in Canada, because he has always really wanted to learn it, and because our lil sweetpea will be starting French Immersion Kindergarten in September (how is that possible?  she’s only a baby!.

We are concentrating on Chinese mostly, and are very relaxed in our scheduling, so by no means is Mr.D. following a curriculum or class style.  In fact, we have only done two class so far.

Thus far he has learnt – there has been more but this seems to be what is sticking so far:

nǐ hǎo    Hello (and yes, after our dinner last night, Mr.D. said this to someone and they said “how cute, got that from TV?” and seemed astonished when I said “no, he’s learning Chinese”.)

wǎn shang hǎo    Good evening.

wǎn ān    Good night.

wǒ bù dǒng     I don’t understand (we thought this essential if he was going to try and practice with strangers!)

shì    Yes

bú shì   No

qǐng    Please

xiè xie   Thank you

Not bad for a kid with issues with memory.  I’m proud of him for sticking with it and trying so very hard.


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