No, not my kid.  This blog.  Th0ugh I sometimes wonder about the kids……

It has been a while – had all good intent to blog but not enough hours in the day or enough muscle strength in my back to get down the stairs (lower back injury – very boring) to my main computer.   Now that I am finally here, I have to think about what we’ve been doing.

Going back a week (maybe a little more) a saw a listing for a late-night TV show called “Cedar and Bamboo” about when the Chinese first arrived in British Columbia and how they integrated with the First Nations people that they met.  Not so surprisingly, this show was really about how the children of mixed relationships had trouble knowing which world they belonged in.  Anywho, taped it because of Mr.D.’s increasing interest in both China and First Nations.

The same night, there was an episode of “Ravens and Eagles” on CBC – Reg Davidson from Haidi Gwaii explaining how and why he became a wood sculptor and how his heritage changes his art constantly.  I knew I would be interested – part of my background being at Museum of Anthropology at UBC studying these type of issues – but I wondered about whether a 6 yr old would get into it, even a boy who loves museums and all these cultural things.

Not sure how much he took in of these programmes but he again stated his wish to be a First Nations person and we had another discussion about why that wasn’t possible.  He also wants to learn to carve cedar in First Nations style.  I spared him the conversation that asks “Which First Nation would that be – they’re not all the same, y’know” and instead, using very simple words, we discussed cultural appropriation.

Now I did not think this was a concept that he could grasp – I was just testing the waters.  Surprise.  He got it.  He doesn’t like that it limits his things he would like to do in the future but he understands about ‘stealing culture’ and why culture is important to identity and community.  Wow. 

My boy blows me away.


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