Surviving Saturdays and Sundays

We did.  Survive, that is.  OK, Sunday is not over yet and I may be unduly optimistic, but we are all here, all four, sound of limb, if not mind.

Ms. E. had her 6th birthday party at the skate rink; Mr. D. lost control with all the excitement.

We’ve just come back from Wreck It Ralph 3D and Mr. D is losing control with all the excitement. 

Not just excitement, to be honest, we have this problem whenever anything special happens for Ms. E.; Mr. D. just can’t stand to not be the centre of attention and he can’t stand her having gifts that he doesn’t have or that he can’t do when she isn’t looking.

For instance, Ms. E. received her first playmobil yesterday.  Much more basic than anything Mr. D. has but he just cannot stand that she might be able to work it out herself.  Much screaming and shouting happening as I write and such a bad mood spreading and it just isn’t fair to the Littlest Muffin in the house!  She is such a joy-filled creature, who’s natural resting state is laughing, and she finds herself side-tracked constantly by her own brother.  If the toys aren’t stolen from her, then Mummy and Daddy’s attention is stolen.  We try to compensate but I would love to hear from anyone with this problem:  what works; what doesn’t work; what to never try again.  Any suggestions welcome.

So that I don’t go on thinking bad things about my beloved son, I am posting a quick sketch he knocked off this morning.  Pirate ship that, I’m told, is like Blackbeard’s only better (of course); Mr. D. doesn’t intend to be a bad pirate, he just wants lots of cannons and weapons to scare people apparently.  He also wants to buck the laws of convention by adding lots of outboard motors so that he can sail fast.  We’ve tried pointing out the irony but it just hasn’t hit home as yet. 

Roll on, Monday.



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