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Frumpy Friday

Have not had a chance to go through our thousands of photos as yet; all woke up this morning feeling rather tired and wrought, no doubt, in part, due to Ms. E. having her 6th birthday party tomorrow at the skating rink.  We don’t skate.  Should be interesting.  So what do we do for schooling on our half-day Fridays?

Pirate Day, of course!

Started after breakfast with a quick run-around inside and a tidying of bedrooms – ship-shape!  Terribly windy here today so there is less than usual enthusiasm for being outside the house.

Then the we settled to watch a Real Story episode about The Real Pirates of the Caribbean (with special emphasis on Blackbeard – our favourite).

Then the children were asked to draw a pirate themed picture; the picture could be of anything in any form but must relate to pirates.  The results are below!

Then the dress-up fun began – we have enough pirate regalia in the house for a whole fleet of swashbucklers and Ms. E. eschewed the usual wench-role for that of cabin boy, whilst Mr. D. was a staggeringly good Capt’n, eye-patch and all.

By the time the pirates were fed, it was time for them to leave with our respite carer for two and a half hours of outside romp!  Yay!  They were back in half an hour, claiming frostbite!  Ha!  Got them warm, sent them back out to the local creek, which will afford some protection.  Normally they would venture further afield, but father drove off with the boosters seats still in the car.

OK – if we survive the skating rink, I should be back with more soon.


Ms. E. chose to do a picture of a pirate in the sun – I love her attention to detail here:  the sword, the earring, the radiant sun!



Mr. D. chose to assemble a treasure map (need to do some more work on compass directions), complete with crumpling and, not seen here, ripped edges, added for that authentic feel.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Foggy Bottoms

Nothing to do with Foggy Bottoms actually, but that said, it is very foggy outside today!

Been a little while – quite deliberately – because the stomach flu has continued to ravage our house and learning of a quasi-formal kind has been a hit and miss affair.  Still, we plough on and hope for the best!

We’ve been delving into the literature suggestions from Oak Meadow Grade 3 curriculum; first stop, Pippi Longstocking, our only hesitation being that she may be seen as someone to emulate but that has not been the case, Mr. D. thinks she is extremely silly (even if he would love to play with her).  Currently, Mr. D. is playing with friends a few doors away.  He doesn’t always get along with them (two sisters) even though he is proud to boast they are his friends, but this last 60 minutes has been quiet so I am assuming that all is going well.  It is a Pro-D day (teacher meeting day) here in the district so no school (what did they do when I was a kid, I wonder?).  Miss E. is at her After-School carers for the day – something she loves – and it gives the children separate time, which is so necessary.

Lucky for us, Planet Kids has a huge sale underway and we visited on Saturday morning in pursuit of a birthday present for another child.  Whilst there, we scanned the teacher’s resource consignment section and came away with amazing bargains, including a small study on Pippi Longstocking.  So far this morning, so good.  Mr. D. made a “book cover” drawing of Pippi, complete with fry pan and tossed pancake; we’ve delved into what questions we would ask her if we were new in her neighbourhood; the question of realistic vs. fantasy books and the difference between a lie and an exaggeration.  This afternoon we are making a DAS air-dry clay model, which will then be painted, of Pippi.  Mr. D. has asked if we can make Pippi clothes and we’ve decided we will have a small exercise in sewing.  Yet to decide on hair but probably some bright wool that can be braided and then gummed to stick out!  I’ll also download Jamie Oliver’s show “Jamie does…. Stockholm” so that we can see a little Sweden and learn about Scandinavian foods – different to the ones we eat in this partially Danish household.

To have a break from all things Pippi (do you say Pip-E or PeePee, like my husband?), Dad took Mr. D. to the beach at the end of the road.  During previous visits, Mr. D. has been excited about what he calls his Pirate Fort – today I charged them with the mission of building more of it and taking some photos; they only stopped because they ran out of driftwood today.

Now if only the fog would clear – it is actually a sunny day behind all that fog.

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