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Forest Frolic

Sunday and the lad needed his exercise!  What to do?  Daughter had yet another birthday party to attend so Dad did as Dad’s must and braved the foul weather (not so bad, actually) and the foul-tempered boy (got much better quickly) and off to the Northeast Woods they went.

You know – those great woods near Highland that they want to plonk a development on?  You don’t know them?  Better catch ’em before they are all gone.

I am hoping Dad will weigh in on comments and tell me what some of the stuff in the photos is – hopefully he will remember – but I do know a grand time was had.

3 cheers for exercise!!!


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I would walk 500 miles and ….

Well – if we could get Mr. D. to do so, we’d probably all feel better.

Two hours of walking, hiking, and looking will have to do.  Thank you, paterfamilias, for taking Ms. E. to a birthday party and dropping her off, then voluntarily taking the lad for his two hours of exercise.

They explored Kin Beach (not far from home) and apparently had a grand old time.  Not very adventurous but lots of fun.  And wonderfully therapeutic.

Both heavy muscle exercise and time spent in nature have a calming effect on our little lad so these types of walks are especially good.  He’s been doing 2 hour walks since before his third birthday – he really does love to explore and move.

Father tried to take a photo of the sunshine.  Not our sunshine.  Sunshine far away on the mainland.  We remember sunshine.  Sorta.  Warmish, right?  Vancouver Island in Winter – not warmish, right?  Sigh.

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