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Monday Moaning

Well.  Not all of it has been moaning.

Started the day with a trip to NIDES for some tutoring – as reading progresses (quickly, but slow chronologically) Mr. D. is exploring more about sentences and structure.  Both his tutor and I have him writing a sentence a day (minimum) to keep the momentum going.

Then we thought homeschool gymnastics would be on but turns out the Monday session is full so we will need to stick to our Wednesday session; all fine except it means that every day in the week has something on and my husband definitely needs to take the car for work and, well, the cost of taxis isn’t getting cheaper!

As a result, nothing much planned for Mr. D. today; that really is always a recipe for disaster.  He went with Dad to check out a new (old, but new to us) dinner table and that was extremely exciting because he got to help load the truck, unload the truck, and talk to the previous owners, one of whom is of Chinese heritage.  Mr. D. still madly in love with everything Chinese.  Strange, hubby wanted to be a Sinologist for a while – until he realised that languages weren’t his strongest suit and that Mandarin was not one of the easier languages to learn.

Consequently, Mr. D. has not had enough movement today and is not settling down to much other than running amok.  I am hoping same hubby will fit in a hike with him but there is only 30 minutes until he picks up little sister so probably not.

We did look at our schedule for the day at NIDES (North Island Distance Education School) e-class tomorrow.  Major theme will be Electricity.  Mr. D. has been playing with snap circuits for a while but has been resistant (yes, a pun) to remembering what is happening in the circuit.  As a heads up we looked at one of the websites they will explore in the computer lab tomorrow and it turns out he knew more than he realised! (http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/10_11/changing_circuits_fs.shtml)  He’s still bored.  Woe.

OK – gotta go and organise washing up and dinner.


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Homeschoolers rock

Our Valley has a remarkable group of parents who homeschool; in fact, we make up a sizeable chunk of the educational market here.  Not everyone uses the same method of home schooling and we have quite a few options available to us.

One thing that is wonderful and consistent in all the confusion is that we have a network of home schooling parents who organise things.  Yes, they have time to do that.  And they share, too.  They don’t just organise their kids, they help you organise yours, too.  I must admit, it is love.

So when a chance came to enroll in the home schoolers Gymnastics class at Comox Recreation Centre, we said a big YES.  Now Mr. D. has the same level of physical activity as he did when doing gymnastics directly with the Rec Centre, but has the added bonus of being amongst a multi-age group (so important to me) and getting a chance to see familiar faces and start down, what is to Mr. D., the long and arduous road to making friendships.

People outside of home schooling always ask the very same first question – but what about socialisation – won’t they miss meeting kids at school?  NO.  Seriously, no.  Think back to the kids you went to school with – did you like them all?  Chances are, you didn’t.  Now imagine you are a kid with eccentricities and challenges – how do you feel you would fit in?  Remember anyone like that from your schooling?  Now imagine that everyone that you see once or twice a week is also a little, shall we say proudly, odd?  You see them every week.  Friendships develop.  Role models are established.  Little kids learn from big kids.  Communities are built.  And the sugar on top?  The kids are all accepting and non judgmental from what we’ve seen and the parents are wonderful, too.

Long live home schooling.

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Miserably Monday

Today was strange.

Yes, even in our universe of diagnostic acronyms, there can be strange.

Mr. D. went to gymnastics, something he loves and is good at, and was…. lacklustre.  He was way too chatty with the instructors, ran off to get comforting hugs from me several times, and looked generally…. gee…. was it sad?  mad?  depressed?  tired?  all of the above?

This continued all day and during all activities.  This is the second day where this has been really obvious – there have been shorter episodes.

So we question:  is the Strattera kicking in?  Is the double dose in the morning too much?  When should we stop the Ritalin and / or the Clonidine?  Can’t my sweet and amazing little boy get by without all this stuff?  Can we just give him an espresso every now and then?  When can I stop playing doctor?

Days like today are probably what we are meant to be hoping for.  Mostly docile, perceived as well-behaved… yada yada.  All well and good but that’s not my kid!  I don’t want him lawless and spinning out of control but I want SPARK.  Today there was no spark.  And part of me is terrified that we will eventually – between talking about ‘grown up’ diagnostic stuff, by changing his chemistry, by changing his way of living – put out that spark forever.

You better believe I am crying while writing this.

Our child was meant for us.  None of those blank faced, well behaved, goody good kids.  We need Mr. D.’s eccentricities as much as he does, I suspect.

We don’t do normal.

I want my boy to be the best he can be.  Today he wasn’t.

A man and his tools

Tool Time!

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