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Even more free stuff

Hootie Patootie!

We’ve been searching the web for (more) online science resources for our voracious experimenter and this is one we love.  We always try the tele-seminars for free each month – some video content and the sound of nearly 3,000 online/live kids all cheering and enjoying science.  Yay science.

But they’ve linked us up with a few other free offerings – I’m keeping my eyes open for the best ones and when they come through I’ll post them here.

A big of background on Supercharged Science – but only a bit because you’ll see for yourself – but they are all presented by Aurora, a real life NASA rocket scientist!  Not just that but she is charming and engaging and really seems to care that the curriculum is accessible for all ages.  Have a look at the video, download the HUGE book of experiments for FREE and then tell me what you and your kiddies think – would love to know.



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Homeschoolers rock

Our Valley has a remarkable group of parents who homeschool; in fact, we make up a sizeable chunk of the educational market here.  Not everyone uses the same method of home schooling and we have quite a few options available to us.

One thing that is wonderful and consistent in all the confusion is that we have a network of home schooling parents who organise things.  Yes, they have time to do that.  And they share, too.  They don’t just organise their kids, they help you organise yours, too.  I must admit, it is love.

So when a chance came to enroll in the home schoolers Gymnastics class at Comox Recreation Centre, we said a big YES.  Now Mr. D. has the same level of physical activity as he did when doing gymnastics directly with the Rec Centre, but has the added bonus of being amongst a multi-age group (so important to me) and getting a chance to see familiar faces and start down, what is to Mr. D., the long and arduous road to making friendships.

People outside of home schooling always ask the very same first question – but what about socialisation – won’t they miss meeting kids at school?  NO.  Seriously, no.  Think back to the kids you went to school with – did you like them all?  Chances are, you didn’t.  Now imagine you are a kid with eccentricities and challenges – how do you feel you would fit in?  Remember anyone like that from your schooling?  Now imagine that everyone that you see once or twice a week is also a little, shall we say proudly, odd?  You see them every week.  Friendships develop.  Role models are established.  Little kids learn from big kids.  Communities are built.  And the sugar on top?  The kids are all accepting and non judgmental from what we’ve seen and the parents are wonderful, too.

Long live home schooling.

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Power Play!

Mr. D. received a remarkable ‘toy’ for his birthday last year – a new ‘toy’ called Snap Circuits from Elenco.  Why ‘toy’?  Well, I don’t think there is anything toy-like about this system for creating electrical currents – see what you think.

We had our eye on this system for a while and the lovely Pam, toy retailer extraordinaire, from Planet Kid, stocked up on them after we inquired so there was nothing for it but to buy the BIGGER kit for Christmas.  The nice thing?  They integrate so each kit just provides more and more options when they are all combined.

Savvy kids get to learn how to make a circuit, how a circuit can make things work (buzzers, alarms, light bulbs, etc.), how to break circuits and how to apply resistance in a circuit.  Whew!  That’s a whole lotta learning going on.  Some very bright person has designed this system in easy snap ‘bricks’ not unlike a building system and some of the plates are clear so that all the ‘action’ can be seen.

Mr. D. did a lot of these post-Christmas but hadn’t touched them for a while.  He was feeling fairly hard-done-by this morn when we expressed our dissatisfaction with him getting up around 4am to watch cartoons when TV isn’t to be used before 6.30am so while my temper cooled (and I got the classroom warmed up and computers on) I asked him to make me a difficult circuit that used the bulb.  He did.  He even used multiple bulbs.  He created circuits with it for over an hour.  Here are the photos so that Mummy may show off.  *g* Who says FASD/ADHD/etc. etc. kids can’t focus? OK – maybe hyperfocus?

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