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Short and sweet

As a continuance of our Greek Myth study, we have found these wonderful cards to prepare and use in a memorisation game!

Try and match the hidden pairs and at the same time, each card is funky and full of silly, if true, information about the God/Goddess/Demon/Demigod etc. etc.

For a lad with executive function below average, he sure is good at matching pairs games!



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Word Jumbles

To strengthen Mr.D.’s reading skills, I’ve chosen an assortment of words (one of the lists of Dulche words), printed them up, stuck them on cereal box board, cut them up and we’ve started playing Concentration.

Now, FASD kids do not have good memory skills.  If they can tolerate rote learning, it helps cement things, but Mr.D.’s style of learning doesn’t really accommodate that.

We have quite a lot of repetition on Explode the Code, the learning programme for reading that we have purchased to use at home – this supplements all the help Mr.D. is getting at NIDES.  Luckily, The Explode the Code people understand how boring rote can get and the repetition is disguised for the most part.

Concentration ended up being a winner.  For this number of words, Mr.D. can use his memory (spurred on by his strong competitive instinct) and he walloped me in this game.  I wasn’t going easy, either.  I had meant to, but then in all the excitement, I forgot where things were.  This is sad in that I had a photographic memory at one stage of my life – especially for visuals – and this game proved to me how much that is a thing of the past.  Here’s hoping we can get our children educated before we lose all our skills to old age!

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