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School ‘n Media

With homeschooling, we try and document as much of the learning process as possible.  I keep a diary of when we do what (when I don’t spill coffee on it), we take work in for assessment, we create and take.  Sometimes, only video will do.  We have had a lot of trouble uploading our videos to computer from our camera and I am hoping that we finally have it right.  If we do, the following video will show David while doing:

1.  Mensa4Kids:  Fractions.  We did the paperwork, then the cookie cooking started.  Normally we would take the cookies in to class.  We ate them.  Sorry teachers.

No – can’t upload here easily so going for the easy pictures instead for now. So here is our Chef, measuring half a cup of brown sugar.  Well, he is about to.  Yup.  Doesn’t quite have the dynamic feel of video but we’ll figure this out.

Mensa4Kids measuring fractions

Cookie Cooking




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