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It All Started Like This…

Fanny Bay

We decided we should go; our kids love salmon and festivals, Daddy loves oyster burgers, mummy just enjoys a chance to get out of the house.

Except.  It rained.  Oh, did it rain.  Heaviest rain we’ve had in ages.  Absolutely bucketed down.  But we went anyway.

Now I have to explain that Mummy has not only hurt her lower back but, whilst walking funny from that injury, has managed to mangle her right knee somewhat.  This has led to trouble moving up and down stairs, driving the car, all sorts of essential things, including just sitting in the car.  This was going to be a challenge.  But we went anyway.

Disaster?  No!  Far from it.  Mummy was going to sit in car the whole time but deciding a bathroom break was in order, hobbled over to the site from the car and caught up with the kiddies and Dad.  So, we went anyway.

There was free stuff, videos, water bugs, hawks, water tables displaying where our car oil goes, and of course, salmon.  Salmon viewing.  Salmon painting.  Salmon face painting.  Salmon releasing into the river.  It was all salmon, all ways.  Woot!  What a winner for Mr.D.

Mr.D. has totally stripped his bedroom door of  Spiderman stickers and has put up salmon and/or fisheries stickers instead.  Our salmon-boy has reawakened his passion for all things salmon.  He has been salmon colouring most of the morning – it between gymnastics and lecturing his father about why we shouldn’t recycle plastic bottles, we should fill them full of our dirty water and use them to flush the loos.  Don’t think he got that idea from the festival…….  Thus came another lesson about recycled plastic bottles can make….. toys, fleece, etc.  All in all, a lot learnt today, just not in a traditional manner.  Suits us!

Formerly the spiderman-inhabited bedroom door.


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Another Sunny Saturday

So why aren’t I outside?  Because my son is acting as if he has never had medication at all in his life.  He, his sister, and their carer are off to the playground right now, Daddy is still working on putting together the outside playground (carer helped, which was so nice of her) but it won’t be finished today, and I’m inside, weathering my various pains and aches but not in a very stoical manner.

We’ve done very little formal work over the last two weeks.  Mr.D. is caught up in two obsessions at present (that I know about):  one is everything Chinese, especially dating back quite a ways, and two is everything First Nations.  He is very disappointed he can’t be First Nations when he grows up but in serendipitous timing NIDES – our distance learning school that he attends one day/week – had their celebration of Firs t Nations culture on Thursday.  We skipped WildSpirit and attended that instead.  Lovely to see his interest in the salmons being filleted, then cooked using a wood brace.  Mr.D. liked the story telling and really enjoyed the drumming session; then, we all enjoyed seeing the mural the kids had worked on – all grades – that now decorates the school.  He was particularly proud of his work, the addition of some waves, and the whole work took its inspiration from the First Nations Group of Seven!  Look it up – you’ll be amazed at the vibrancy and variety of the works.

I’m also including some photos from Easter because I just didn’t get around to posting them.

My other big job at present is planning things for Mr.D. to work on over summer as his formal, interactive, school days are almost over for this year.  Bye bye Grade 1.  We’ve purchased Meet the Masters – an art programme  which can be done at our own pace.  Includes a little art history, highlights one particular technique that an artist may be famous for, has some paper and pencil work to develop technique, then has a larger art project.  I’m excited and I know Mr. D loves to paint so hopefully this will be a winner.

We’re completing a small unit of study now on the background of the Cheyenne of the Great Plains and their art (thank you, Cincinnati Art Museum for the good quality kids programming) and that should be finished this week.

Before laying out big money on any sort of language learning, we’re using Live Mocha to learn one phrase at a time.  As Mr.D. often has trouble with retention, we’ll go through four or five phrases but I only expect him to remember one.  We practice that one all week, then review, then move on to the next.  We have both French and Mandarin Chinese ready and have started on the Chinese, which he is determined to learn.  He also wants to learn characters, rather than pinyin, which is difficult but we’ve got some good books and a great app on the iPad to help with that.  So far we are looking at different salutations for different times of day .  It is a beginning.  So if Mr. D. runs up to you and says “Ni Hao” you’ll understand where he is coming from.

Okay – gotta leave the updates for now – I’ve left the salmon marinating and we need to get the BBQ happening.  Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

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