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Non-break Break

In between everything else that has happened during or just before Spring break, we have actually being doing snippets of school work.

In no particular order, Mr.D. has enjoyed learning some Spanish words, taking photos with his own digital (and very simple) camera, making pirate ships in the living room (doing that right now, in fact), and helping clean the house.  He has also made up a pictorial recipe for us to follow:  waffles and scrambled eggs; just wait until I have a chance to scan it – what a hoot – and is actually legible.

Mr.D. has invented numerous things – so using actual bits and bobs, some just from his head.  He has taken to making drawings of lots of things, including mythical insects and beasties.  He is really digging all sorts of communication right now – not just talking!

We’ve continued on with Explode the Code but really his reading practice comes from whatever is on the dining room table; there is no word our son doesn’t want to spell at present.

Even though we haven’t  completely finished off our exploration of Egypt and Mummies, we have moved on slightly and started our tour of Greek mythology and the 12 Olympians (mainly).  Brilliant book, “The comic strip Greatest Greek Myths” by Kindberg and Turner, lots of gore and mayhem, lots of “ouch” and “oops”.  Very funny and a good introduction to the Gods (actually we have read a lot of the myths before but this time is for reinforcement and is concentrating on the Gods themselves rather than just the myths.  Can’t wait to make Mt. Olympus.

Maths wasn’t forgotten, either, with Mr.D. working on numerous small workbooks from printable units:  again, just addition and subtraction for the most part but it is good reinforcement of the numbers and he has enjoyed doing them.

All this and some brilliant colouring pages – hand control is so much better these days.

Plus, today was his first ‘rehearsal’ for a play.  A lovely home-schooled 12 year old has aspirations of drama directing and this is the second play she is staging with home-schooled children.  This is “The Wizard of Oz” as adapted for a school so there are 6 Dorothys!  Mr.D. will be playing “Rascal”, one of the three flying monkeys (talk about good casting) and has four lines to remember!  He is both shy and excited at the same time about this acting stuff.

Phew.  Considering the meltdowns, dramas, and fusses, this seems like a lot of school work but it hasn’t been (and I am sure I have forgotten things – like hiking the wilderness with Daddy, exploring where they are building their shelters for WildSpirit and where they have started fires in the past (legit ones), building mega-cities with Thomas the Tank Engine and friends, etc. etc.).

Maybe it takes knowing it is nearly over to be able to “see the grass for the trees”?


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Yesterday: Lad at Spring Break day camp.  Declared “good”.  Girly at preschool.

Mummy sick.  Daddy sicker.

Today: Lad at home.  TV and maths, including the abacus.  Girly at preschool.

Mummy sick.  Daddy sicker.

Elizabeth Taylor died.

Yup.  Covered the high- and low-lights.

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