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Random Madness

Well.  Hasn’t it been a long time, eh?

We’re moving house.  On Monday.  Have you ever ‘transitioned‘ with a special needs child?  Try not to, it is so very challenging.  Moving house isn’t my favourite thing to do, even though I have incredibly itchy feet and always want to live somewhere different, but I would like to just go to bed in one house, wake up in another.  If necessary, I can take a two week Pacific Island holiday in between to allow this to happen…….

Here I am posting some photographs of Mr. D.’s recent works.  Not in order (order is definitely missing at present) and not in context.

A paper cylinder drawn by Mr. D. has pictures of every increasing/decreasing size (inspired in equal parts by Bugs Bunny and Vi Hart, the mathemagician); Mr. D. was giving his version of infinite series.

We also have some Lego figures:  person on a couch, washer/dryer with man adding washing powder.  We started these in response to Lego Quest (http://legoquestkids.blogspot.com/) a wonderful blog for homeschooling families that love Lego.  We had been a part of an online Lego club but as they were nation-wide, the live classroom didn’t work well for us time-wise.  Lego Quest gives you a regular “mission” to build Lego pieces and then will publish the submitted photographs.  Woot!  My lad loves seeing his things publicly displayed (who doesn’t, right?).

Last, and most certainly not least, are two playdough creations that now look a little worse for the travelling.  We have Mr. Shark and Mr. Penguin, both seem to be in response to watching the three episodes of Great Barrier Reef by the BBC on DVD.  Can’t vouch for the parentage of Mr. Shark but I do think Mr. Penguin is just a little bit Elvis, little bit Roy Orbison, no?

There you have it.  So much more work has been done – reading is improving at a rapid rate – but I haven’t had a chance to get my head around it let alone photograph or chronicle it.

See you once we’ve moved!


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Moving along

I’d like to say we are settling into some sort of routine but it wouldn’t really be true.  Sure, we have a structure imposed upon us by all the outside activities.  Sure, I have posted myself a schedule of sorts for different classes.  Sure, I would like to stick with it and that has been hard given I’ve been quite sick.  But really?  Our boy?  He needs some routines but I don’t know if class selection is one of those things.  Part of me thinks he would like to know what is coming up in each day.  The other part of me screams “no” because if we have to change that schedule, for any reason, the transition-demons come out to play and the lad is thrown for a loop for a good 12 hours of so.  Not a fun time for anyone involved.

So, in our muddling fashion, we have done another unit from “Meet the Masters” by Piet Mondrian.  Mr. D. certainly got the idea of colour balance and was able to produce his own Mondrian-style art work and explain the balance to me.  He understood the connection between the artwork and rhythm but did not really understand about discordant jazz music not having a predictable beat.  Have to get hubby to dig into his extensive jazz collection and teach Mr. D. that there is more to jazz than syncopation!

We’ve dipped into Mathletics, but again he is finding “Life of Fred – Apples” much more fun.  The fact that Fred may have a deciduous nose?  Hysterical.  Intro to algebra?  Easy peasy!

On screen, we have been watching more “Rough Science” – Zanzibar.  Poor Mr. D. didn’t realise there was only one series left (Colorado) and thought it was still in production.  He is adamant that we write to “odd-job Kate” and have her organise more of the show.  He isn’t sure he can live without it, my protests to the contrary.

Mr. D. is having a hard time adjusting to a “baby” sister attending Kindergarten.  At a school.  At a French Immersion School.  Making other friends.  Wanting to play with friends, rather than him.  This has been quite traumatic.  We also hadn’t realised just how much anxiety Mr. D. had about changing classes at NIDES for e-class; he had assured us that he was fine but the last few weeks before class were hellish.  Very regressive behaviour, which also didn’t help with the sister situation.  Mr. K., the new class teacher, has been a resounding success.  Unfortunately, Mr. D. also had to change teacher for his extra tutoring session; whilst he likes Ms. P, there is certainly not the same rapport he had with Ms. H, whom he idolised because she knew how to be silly!

In between formal learning, a lot of Lego and K’Nex building has been going on.  Some very creative pieces have come out of these sessions.  Here are a few:

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