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Finishing Egypt

Not really.

We have spent a small (very small) amount of time this week on finishing up our Egyptian project.  The most enjoyable way, actually, because we’ve been playing SenetSenet is an Egyptian board game and in my opinion is proto-Backgammon.

I didn’t think Mr.D. would follow all the rules but he did.  We decided, co-operatively, to simplify one ruling and then settled down to play.  I bested him 3 to 2 games but I really did not slacken off – I had to give best effort to stay in the lead.

Normally, losing makes for tears and tantrums.  Mr.D. doesn’t accept that playing can be a means to an end, enjoyment-wise; he would much rather wipe you off the map!  Senet marked a breakthrough – no tears on losing.  This is still the minority but it is progress.

One thing I can’t photograph for you is his progress in reading – he is now a reader!  Woot!  Huzzah!  OK, it is small amounts but he is totally digging it and every meal time now is a spelling bee where Mr.D. will pick up a condiment or packaging of some sort and spell out the words then try to read them.  I’ve never been so happy to hear the word “Nutella”.  Of course, this gave way to silly word games with all four of us contributing:  nutemma, buttella, muttella, etc.  Jim and I have always played silly word games (shsssssh, its our dirty secret) but it feels good to include the kiddies.


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