Ummmm Ooops

Well.  Hello, there.  Anyone?  OK, even I can hear the echo in here.  Having successfully moved house and, eventually, got a new charger for my camera battery (never did find the old one) there are now a LOT of updates needed!

First up, change of schooling!  What?  Still homeschooling but instead of using a distributed learning system with school one day per week (an option still available) our ‘school’ NIDES has forged ahead with a wonderful new idea.  We are now enrolled in a Fine Arts eCademy – school three days/week covering art, drama, world music, family-style multi-age house ‘pods‘, and all the goodness that was already there plus two days at home covering the more academic-type work.  Even though our focus at home is more on academics, as usual NIDES (now called Navigate powered by NIDES) accepts all submissions of work:  drawn, written, sung, whatever suits the child and the child’s strengths.

Brave New World!

So we took our youngest, Ms. E. about to be six, and moved her from French Immersion Kinder to Grade 1 at Fine Arts (FAE).  Both kids took a wee minute to adjust, to miss some friends, to get accustomed, and boom!  Loving it.

At the end of this week, we will be ending Term 1.  During the that time, we had 6 weeks of Learning Cycle one, followed by one Compass Week, where optional events and outings are slotted, along with parent/teacher reviews.  There will be five Learning Cycles in total.

During compass week, it was far easier for us to take both kids to one event, even if the event wasn’t their first choice.  It worked out just fine and both children enjoyed going to dance school (ballet, musical theatre, and hip hop), seeing the AquaVan from Vancouver Aquarium (Mr. D. bonded with the shark expert over the TV show River Monsters), doing black-light puppetry on stage (about Zombies) and doing some amazing salmon art with local artist, Tracey Kobus.  Wonderful, wonderful opportunities.

Now all I need is time to sort photos and add them here.  Phew.  Instead, I think I’ll find my son’s latest song creation.  He loves to make up random songs, spur of the moment, off the cuff stuff, and now he includes some musical theatre gestures.  He’s not the most musical, nor is his voice the prettiest, and he occasionally gets lost in his song in his head, but I’m ever so proud of him anyway.

Part one of the “icetrilogy” (husband took this and hasn’t mastered editing yet):

Part two:

and Part three:

Now off to look for photos!


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